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Awning Windows

Awning Windows are single-panel windows that are hinged along the top and can be opened by turning a handle. When opened, the panel tilts outward and allows air in from the left, right and bottom. Awning Windows are often installed above, below or alongside a fixed (non-operable) or operating window, but can also be used as a clerestory (a window near the top of a wall) to let hot air escape.

PGT Awning Windows

WinGuard® ALUMINUM AW740 Series

Hinged along the top
– Can be opened by turning a handle

Multi-point locking system for added strength and security

Available in single vent
– Individual vent units can be mulled vertically or horizontally for custom configurations

Standard glass options
– Laminated Glass (impact-resistant)

Window comes with a standard screen


WinGuard® Vinyl 5500 Series

• Feature laminated insulating glass to provide an all-in-one solution for continuous, effortless hurricane protection
• Help deter intruders and are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties
• Significantly reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of damaging UV rays
• Offer ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations
• Are customizable with frame colors, hardware finishes, glass tints, grid styles and patterns

uv protection.png

EnergyVue® Awning AW5440

EnergyVue® is PGT®’s all-new line of vinyl-non-impact resistant products that feature clean profiles and modern frames surrounding insulating glass. Beautiful, yet strong, EnergyVue products are engineered to provide large sizes that achieve high design pressures and meet some of the most stringent energy-saving requirements. This line allows you to go big and enjoy expansive views, along with smaller heating and cooling bills. With EnergyVue, you can have the same great look and same robust construction throughout your home, in every frame small to large. For style, size, strength and energy efficiency— without compromise—the smart choice is EnergyVue.



Bertha Impact Vinyl Awning Windows

You’re looking for awning windows, but live in a high velocity hurricane zone, need to stick to a budget, and are concerned with energy efficiency. Is there a window out there that can meet all of these needs? Yes! The Bertha Impact Vinyl Casement Window is HVHZ certified, cost efficient (especially for retrofits), and has thermal walls that are a full 12% thicker than most other windows! Plus they carry the Energy Star rating, are Made in the USA Certified ®, and have the Good Housekeeping Seal.




SENTINEL Project-Out/Awning Window Series 238

Our Sentinel Collection project-out window not only looks great but outperforms its competitors in quality and value.

CGI’s impact resistant 238 series of casements and project-out / awning windows have matching sightlines which allow them to be used interchangeably giving you a consistent look throughout your home.

ESTATE Project-Out/Awning Window Series 238

CGI’s Estate Collection impact resistant aluminum project-out / awning windows have very clean lines and incredible eye appeal. When used with our colonial muntins they give the appearance of wood but with the added advantage of quality aluminum construction.

CGI’s impact resistant 238 series of casements, project-out / awning and fixed windows have matching sight lines which allows them to be used interchangeably throughout your home.


TARGA Project-Out/Awning Window Series 7400

The Targa Series 7400 Project Out Window designed by CGI features a single action multi point lock, nesting handle, and stainless steel package including operators and hinges. Our contoured trim adds a touch of elegance to any room.